Storytelling Kits

Do you want to record your life story but not sure where to start? Do you want to be able to ask your loved one about their life but need something to break the ice? Then my simple storytelling kits are for you!

These kits are a great gift for yourself or a loved one, a hard-to-buy-for parent or grandparent.

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Each Kit Contains:

  • An introduction booklet with story writing tips.
  • 2 timeline cards to record events in chronological order.
  • 30 double-sided colour A4 cards that prompt memories and spark conversations.
  • Pop culture references that encourage laughter and deeper connections with your loved ones.
  • An A4 display folder that keeps your cards safe and doubles as a writing surface.
  • 2 smooth-writing gel pens.

Cost includes postage Australia-wide.

How Does The Kit Work?

  • You choose the type of kit – see options below.
  • You handwrite your stories in bite-sized moments on the life themed cards.
  • You get your family and friends to help if you wish.
  • You store your finished kit in its original folder OR have the pages bound into a book.
  • For a more polished look, you can finish with the Afterkit service which takes your completed card notes to produce an edited story that can be printed multiple times for family and friends.

Explore the Storytelling Kits

  • $99AUD

    Be Your Own Storyteller

    Storytelling Kit

    The Be your own storyteller kit is designed to be used by people who wish to write their own life story.

    It is a write and reveal concept that allows you, the storyteller, to easily document your memories.

    Each card has a theme that is a bit quirky and is designed to prompt you in your storytelling.

    Cards include:

    • Braveheart
    • Bringing home the bacon
    • Not my cup of tea
    • Smarty pants
    • The highlight reel

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    Currently Unavailable
  • $99AUD

    Family Treasure

    Storytelling Kit

    The Family treasure storytelling kit is designed to be used by families who wish to use an interactive approach to record their loved one’s story, a kind of yack and interact concept.

    The cards have space for the storyteller’s audience (helper) to record their name too and some cards ask for participation from the audience.

    This kit makes a great present for those storytellers who are not confident writers and is a wonderful way to interact with relatives who are frail or in care homes.

    Cards include:

    • Best supporting role
    • Blood, sweat and tears
    • Home sweet home
    • In a pickle
    • This is your life

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    Currently Unavailable
  • $99AUD

    Gone But Not Forgotten

    Coming Soon!

    The Gone but not forgotten storytelling kit is designed to record the memories of a loved one who has passed.

    It enables many family members to participate in the recording process so that a picture of the loved one can be built upon piece by piece and preserved.

    This kit has a collaborate and celebrate approach that will ensure your loved one’s story is captured for eternity.

    Buy it to memoralise a loved one who has grown their angel wings!

    Currently Unavailable