Storytelling Samples

The Life of Clara 'Minnie' Broadie

A life story of a loved one who has passed within living memory, using family memories and historical documents.

A caring and hard-working mum; The life of Clara ‘Minnie’ Broadie is an example of a short life story. It was written for her descendants. Minnie died in 1980 and some of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren still remember her. For this reason, her life story booklet contains a blank page on the back for family memories to record their memories of her.

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The Audacious Mr Duck

Reconstruction of an ancestor’s life story, using historical documents and collected family stories.

The Audacious Mr Duck is an example of an ancestor story. William Duck was my maternal great grandfather who was a bigamist. An introduction is included here, however the rest of the book is still a work in progress.

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Yarnbull is an example of a piece of work I transcribed, edited and published from a handwritten copy. It was written by my paternal uncle, Phillip Poulter, who sadly passed away before anyone was able to read it. As a final tribute we added ‘author’ to his headstone.

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First time novelist Phillip Poulter brings us Yarnbull, the story of Sawn Off, a loveable Aussie bush larrikin who frequently rolls from one disaster to another. His long-suffering wife Jessie and the other residents of the small town of Clayville are unwittingly drawn into the chaos that is Sawn Off’s life, with hilarious results. Wherever Sawn Off appears, trouble is sure to follow. Phillip’s talent in creating characters of full colour and depth will have you shaking your head and wondering if the stories are indeed, Yarnbull.

WARNING: contains coarse language

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